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Tempo Day - Coming Soon

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2018 Training

2018 Training

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  • Tempo Day - Coming Soon

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TFD Group is the world leader in the development of analytical methods and software tools for decision support to hardware system planners. System developers, operators and maintainers, both military and commercial, use TFD products and advice in both strategic planning and tactical execution. Our software tools, all in use world-wide for a minimum of 20 years, can and are – being used with virtually any kind of hardware system – from aircraft, spacecraft, tanks and ships to weather stations and train, bus and taxi fleets.

Numbered among TFD clients are a variety of military establishments, virtually all the significant aerospace and defense companies in the world, and a growing list of organizations in the commercial sphere. Notable clients include Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Raytheon, Boeing, General Dynamics, Bell Helicopter, Parker Hannifin, the Royal Air Force, NASA, NOAA and the US Coast Guard. There are more than 1,000 separate TFD software installations and license holders.

TFD Group is represented worldwide with affiliate or partners in Europe, Brazil, Israel, Japan, Korea, Australia, South Africa, China, Taiwan and Singapore.


Increase Readiness. Decrease Cost.


  • EDCAS® - with more than 1000 license holders worldwide, it is the international standard for front-end cost and level of repair analysis.
  • VMetric® - Plan competitively low-cost spares lists, identify inadequate or expensive spares recommendations and be sure of achieving target fill rate or availability levels.
  • MAAP® is a Total Ownership Cost model that uses LSAR-level input data for extreme accuracy. The results are not simply the most reliable cost forecasts available, but accurate resource requirements data by time period and real-world location.
  • SCO™ - brings optimization to day-to-day inventory management decision-making. Sophisticated interpretation of near-real-time transactions through simulation provides inventory managers with timely, pointed and optimized decision guidance.
  • Tempo® brings a time dimension to spares optimization.
  • The TFD Data Vault is a multi-product, common source database, optimized for use with analytical processes, both those developed by TFD and by 3rd party providers.