Chief Executive Officer

Robert Butler

robert204butlerA UCLA-trained economist, former RAND Corporation researcher and founder of TFD Group, Robert A. Butler is considered a worldwide leading authority on cost and logistics modeling. As Chief Executive Officer of TFD Group, Mr. Butler's responsibilities include corporate management, oversight on software development and innovation, and sales and consultation on all TFD tools and services. A sought after lecturer and published widely for his expertise in supply-chain optimization, inventory management, spares modeling and performance based logistics, Mr. Butler’s current research includes accounting for obsolescence in spares modeling and the development of a multi-period initial provisioning optimization model.

Chief Operating Officer

Christy Goade

christy204goadeAs Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer for TFD Group, Christy’s primary responsibility is to produce cost effective corporate results that turns TFD’s vision into reality.  As part of the executive management team, her leadership and oversight of the entire organization ranging from finance and administration, sales and marketing, and day to day operations contributes to making sound business decisions and effective strategic planning for the future.   Christy is an alumnus of Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo and has over 25 years of experience managing small to medium size business in a wide array of industries.

Vice President Asian Operations

Shoichi Sugiyama

shoichi204sugiyamaAs Vice President of TFD Asian Operations, Shoichi Sugiyama, PhD., directs TFD Group’s software sales and consulting services in the Asia-Pacific region. Shoichi Sugiyama is uniquely qualified to provide TFD services on total Life cycle ownership cost management and consultation on maintenance resource management, as he has consulted Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ishikawajima Harima Industries and Fuji Heavy Industries in the implementation of performance based logistic contracting. Shoichi Sugiyama received a Doctorate from the University of Maryland at College Park and has supervised numerous studies on business development and production optimization in the aerospace industry.

Director of Software Development

Miguel Foncerrada

Miguel204FoncerradaDirector of Software Development, Miguel Foncerrada ensures that TFD’s range of logistic tools fulfill the needs of practitioner users both internally, providing service based delivery, and externally for our customers.  He brings to TFD Group over 25 years experience in Aerospace logistics, maintenance control and planning systems, and nearly 20 years experience in logistics software development. Key responsibilities within TFD include his membership of the Software Design Council and Innovation Team and together with other key executives researches and develops cutting edge software, keeping TFD at the forefront in the provision of logistic decision support applications.

Director of Simulation and Modeling

Chris Hampson

chris204hampsonAs Director of Simulation and Modeling, Chris Hampson's primary responsibilities include managing the programming of all algorithms relevant to TFD’s logistics modeling, guiding development and implementation of TFD tools for all our customers, and driving the development specifications of all new and existing products. Chris is a member of the Software Design Council. Chris also provides training on TFD’s tools, modeling practices and proper data analysis.  Chris holds a BSc from University of Melbourne and a MBA from Monash University.

Director, Technical Services

Jon Redfield

jon204redfiledAs Director Technical Services, Jon communicates the needs of our customers to TFD Group's product development team.  Jon joined the TFD Group in 1995 and brings many years of experience supporting and implementing TFD software. Jon previously worked on the Trident submarine program as a Field Service Representative and as an Inventory Management Supervisor in the logistics department.  Jon is a DeVry graduate and holds the exclusive feat of being the GPS receiver operator on the first successful Trident II missile launch from a submarine platform.