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The origins of the TFD business began during September 1976 in Santa Monica, California USA, with the creation of the defence economics consultancy ‘The Assessment Group’ (TAG).  Contracted by the US Navy Bureau of Personnel to develop a methodology capable of influencing the capital/labour ratio for new Navy acquisitions, TAG’s research led to the development of what would later become the EDCAS (Equipment Designer’s Cost Analysis System) model.

In 1985, the ‘Systems Exchange’ business was founded to pursue the idea of taking software prototypes that had been developed under contract by TAG and adapting them for commercial use.  The EDCAS model typified this endeavour, with the first EDCAS user licence being sold to Krauss-Maffei, the German manufacturer of the Leopard II tank.

Following on from the development in the early 1990s of the VMetric spares optimization tool in cooperation with Craig Sherbrooke (the VMetric engine’s author), TFD embarked on the development of the concept of adopting a central ‘common source’ structured database that would feed all System Exchange’s applications and would provide a central analytical data hub into which any new application or data source could be plugged.  This concept would later become the TFD Data Vault (TFD dV).

The Systems Exchange business relocated to Monterey, California USA in 1992, when it was also re-branded as ‘TFD Group’.  Monterey remains the location of TFD Group’s headquarters today.

1995 saw the establishing of TFD Services Ltd in Norwich, United Kingdom and TFD Africa, Pretoria Republic of South Africa in 2001.  TFD Services Ltd was subsequently re-branded as ‘TFD Europe Ltd’ in 2003.

In 1996, TFD developed the MAAP activity-based cost analysis tool to support its work for the LPD-17 (San Antonio class) US Navy vessel programme.  Using ground-breaking modelling technology, MAAP still remains at the forefront of logistic methodology.

Today, TFD continues to develop new solutions, products and services, as well as expanding upon its customer base around the world.  In addition to new products such as the ‘Next Generation’ Tempo inventory optimization tool and the Support Chain Optimization (SCO) tool, TFD has built (or added to) a number of tailored decision support systems to meet individual customer’s needs.

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With a truly international Customer footprint, TFD Group’s solutions, products and services are delivered through the following business operations:

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TFD Group  / Systems Exchange Inc
Software development, sales, consulting, training and technical support for North America
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TFD Europe Ltd
Sales, consulting, training and technical support for Europe
Lodge Farm Barns
New Road

Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 3LZ
+44 (0) 1603-726660

TFD Africa Pty Ltd

Sales, consulting, training and technical support for Africa

PO Box 10319

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+27 63990-7941

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