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4 solutions to 4 common asset management problems

Thank you for your interest in our asset management guide, we hope you find it useful. 


Throughout our 40 years of working with people in supply and support chains across many sectors, our mission has remained the same. We want to help you optimise the cost, usage and availability of complex equipment systems or fleets that require maintenance. This is because we understand the challenges in creating and sustaining useable assets. 


To help you with sustainable asset management, we’ve created a guide to four of the most common and challenging issues and explained ways in which you can solve them. 


Download the guide and stop living with problems and get more miles, hours and productive use from your assets.

Our guide will help you address the following:


  • Support strategy

    • Defining the optimum support strategy

    • Improving your support strategy

    • Persuading your organisation to change the support strategy

    • Predicting ROI before committing to a solution

  • Support cost analysis

    • Predicting support cost, or performance for a budget

    • Predicting costs and profitability to deliver performance-based contracts

    • Assessing fleet build-up, run-down and transitions

    • Analysing changes in operating rates, patterns and locations

    • Assessing upgrades, modifications and obsolescence management

  • Identifying the benefits of your support solution

    • Defining the optimum support strategy

    • Assessing availability and cost benefits of equipment modifications

    • Building a business case for support

  • Sustaining contract KPIs

    • Managing steady-state contract performance for profitability

    • Managing changing demand patterns

    • Managing the impact of different reliability

    • Interruptions to your support chain


So, stop living with problems and get more use from your assets. But rather than just talking about our services, we want to describe exactly how they and their processes work to solve your problems.

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Download the guide today!

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