Is your system’s performance suffering due to a shortage of critical spares?  Are you experiencing excessive warehousing costs for stocks that never move?  These all-too-common problems invariably stem from the use of inappropriate analytical methods and the application of inadequate analytical tools.

Achieving the balance between system performance and cost seldom lies in the implementation of costly inventory management solutions, which have only a marginal effect at best.  Investment in spare parts should be expected to perform to the same standards as other investments.  The business case for the acquisition or adjustment of your spares inventory should be able to demonstrate that the proposed range and distribution of parts minimizes the cost of achieving an operationally justified level of system performance.

VMetric’s optimizing engine applies marginal analysis techniques to system-based models to optimize spares selection, by selecting the parts that most increase availability for least cost.  By balancing cost and system performance for the entire system, VMetric delivers results that ensure ‘Happy Systems’, as opposed to ‘Happy Shelves’ where parts are modelled independently, and performance is limited to metrics such as ‘Off-the-Shelf’ and ‘Overall Satisfaction’ rates.

Leading the world in capability and flexibility, the VMetric optimizing engine models are unique in their abilities to deal with the complex interactions of multiple systems deployed at multiple operating locations.  Operational availability targets can be global, system-specific or location-specific, as well as a range of other options for measurement of performance effectiveness.


+ Develop optimum spares scales to meet fleet availability targets or achieve contracted fill rates

+ Identify inadequate or expensive spares recommendations

+ Ensure ‘Happy Systems’, not ‘Happy Shelves’

VMetric – The Pre-eminent Inventory Optimization Tool

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